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Teter Farms Breeding Philosophy
Commercial & Purebred Cattle:
The commercial portion of the operation is in a transition to a 50% Angus, 50% Simmental breed makeup. The cow herd consists of Angus Females that are being crossed with purebred Simmental Bulls to make a true crossbred commercial cow. This breed combination has proven to add heterosis, while bringing several other advantages to the table. These cattle have a higher growth rate, tremendous thickness, longevity, fertility, and maternal characteristics. This cross has shown, in our operation, to be a vast improvement over the straight bred Angus females that made up the replacement lineup prior to 2005.  Since the herd transitioned to this combination we have seen vast improvements in weaning weights of our feeder cattle. The replacement females that have been retained are phenomenal for improving our bottom line and moving the operation into the future. We at Teter Farms believe in breeding cattle that can excel for the farmer and feedlot owner alike. The cattle produced from this system are moderate framed, while still maintaining growth rate. However, all these factors could not be managed properly without following BQA(Beef Quality Assurance) practices. Calves are given four rounds of vaccines to prevent disease before being moved on down the supply chain. Mature cows are vaccinated on the same interval to prevent disease and maintain reproductive efficiency. We believe these cattle can excel in every facet of the industry.  Therefore we hope that you consider our operation in planning your purchases of quality feeder cattle in the years to come!!!!

The purebred portion of the operation is a new and growing sector of the business. We are currently maintaining herds of Angus and Simmental cows to produce SimAngus and Simmental progeny that will work in commercial and seedstock operations around the country. Just as the commercial cattle these animals must be easy fleshing, moderate framed and heavy muscled livestock, which will perform out on pasture as well as the feedlot. We are currently using Artificial Insemination and plan to incorporate Embryo Transfer to develop cattle that continue to produce consistent and predictable progeny. The use of EPD’S and genetic testing are other selection criteria that are essential in the development of predictable and high quality genetics. If you would like to visit with us at the farm or obtain additional information on these cattle please inquire through our contact page.

Commercial & Purebred Sheep:
The commercial sheep flock consists of a cross between Suffolk, Dorset & Hampshire. This cross has proven to be very production oriented and can thrive without the use of constant grain supplementation. The ewes from this cross are easy keeping, heavy muscled, maternally oriented sheep that can flat out put pounds on a set of lambs. We believe lambs should be able to reach market weight while nursing and on pasture. The sheep produced from this system are very low cost and can prove to be a very good return on your investment.

We also maintain a flock of purebred Suffolk & Dorset ewes. Ram lambs from these flocks are used in the commercial operation as well as sold to other producers. Ewe lambs are retained for replacements as well as marketed to area farmers. These sheep are also very production oriented and have proven to be able to strive on strictly a pasture based system. Both flocks only receive grain three weeks prior to lambing and another three weeks after lambing. They are turned out to pasture in May where the lambs will reach market weight on strictly a grass diet. We strive to produce these type of easy keeping, heavy muscled sheep so that maintence and production cost stay at very low levels. If you are interested in market lambs or seedstock from this system please contact us at any time.

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